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A Quick Survey of My Favorite Jemez Backcountry Skis

Sat, 2016-01-09
Michael Altherr
505 231 3561
Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

I am totally stoked by our recent weather pattern, and it looks even better heading into this weekend. Skiing in the Jemez is almost always a challenge, and the last couple of years have been extremely difficult to catch suitable conditions. However, when conditions permit there's ample backcountry fun just outside our backdoor. I am interested in a bit of a combination road trip/ski trip to evaluate local conditions at a couple of my favorite ski trails in the Jemez. In the event that we decide to do a point to point, I plan to limit the trip to six participants so no one gets left out in the cold. Although, if there's greater interest I am reasonably flexible, and we will figure a way to make it work out for all interested. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on this outing as one of my interests may bring us out on the Caldera. This is not an introductory trip. Participants should have confident backcountry skiing skills. Some of my objectives include a quick loop around the MM35 trail complex; a trip past the back side of Jemez Falls to the Hoodoos; and one of several options near the Caldera. Other suggestions are welcome. My plan is to leave the Sullivan Field parking lot at 09:00. Accommodations can be made to meet Santa Fe or White Rock participants at the Backgate. I expect to spend most of the day out so a return to Sullivan is estimated at 17:30. Bring lunch, snacks and a couple of liters of water. You will not need to carry it all. I'll brng additional water and a stove (if necessary) so we can refill water bottles as needed.

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