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The Right Place at the Wrong Time: Hot Limestone Climbing of Croatia and Slovenia

Wed, 2014-08-20

Live to work or work to live? That’s a question that some of us will be left pondering after the August presentation at the Los Alamos Mountaineers.


The monthly meeting of the LA Mountaineers begins 7 pm Wednesday, Aug. 20, at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos. The meeting starts with refreshments, reports on recent and upcoming LAM-sponsored trips, a “safety minute” courtesy of one of the members, and a feature presentation.


This month, Lauren Heerschap will describe a recent trip in a talk titled “The Right Place at the Wrong Time: Hot Limestone Climbing of Croatia and Slovenia.”

Heerschap is an avid climber who bases many of her life decisions – where to live, where to vacation – around rock-climbing opportunities. A geology instructor at Ft. Lewis, she uses her summer’s off to good advantage. In 2013, she and her husband, also a science teacher, spent about five weeks in Croatia and Slovenia climbing some of the best rock they have ever encountered. They climbed everything “from slabs to steep tufas to multi-pitch walls over 1,00 feet tall,” Heerschap said. “Only it was 90 degrees and 90-percent humidity every day!”


The couple was drawn to the region by their quest for off-the-beaten-path adventures, rumors of legendary limestone and great climbing potential, and the promise of interesting cultures and amazing food.


Heerschap’s presentation to the LA Mountaineers will include photos and stories of the northern Adriatic region, what she calls a “diamond in the rough” for climbers, as well as advice for others interested in exploring the area.


Heerschap grew up and learned to climb in Los Alamos. She gave a previous LAM presentation on the geology of climbing.


The Los Alamos Mountaineers, founded in 1952, promotes a variety of outdoor-oriented activities. For information on the Mountaineers and upcoming trip opportunities, including skiing, hiking, biking and horse-packing, please visit


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