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Splashing down the East Fork of the Jemez (or "Jemez Box Canyon Lite")

Sat, 2014-07-12
Kei Davis

Summer visitors are welcome!  Some old hands could be really helpful, too.
Join Kei and Lisa for a repeat of this hike.  This is the 'lite' version of this hike, stopping at the first big jump-off (jump-off optional) and returning by land.  This more moderate version avoids the need for car-shuttling and assisted descents as chronicled in the latter link (btw, you can interpret Momo's caption "The canyon goes on and on" as "fast forward to the end"--the full hike is a rather long affair).  Our memories are vague and inconsistent about the duration of this version so be prepared for 3-4 hours at a moderate pace.
As Bill wrote in the first linked page, be prepared to get wet.  I learned the hard way the first time I did this that middle of the summer or not, cotton clothing isn't the best choice.  Rubber/plastic sandals are great, sport shoes will work.  Hat and sunscreen strongly recommended, water essential, snacks as desired.  Many find walking poles helpful.
We'll get an early start to avoid the possibility of getting caught in an afternoon storm.  Let's plan to depart Sullivan field, carpooling as preferred, at 8:00a.m. sharp Saturday July 12, so plan to get there by 7:50a.m. to get organized.  From there it's 30 minutes' drive (nearly exactly) to the Las Conchas trailhead.  Note that if the Las Conchas trailhead parking area is full, at that time of the day there should still be plenty of space just short of there at the Cattle Call Wall climbing area.  Sullivan field parking shown with red "x" in first attached map, Las Conchas parking areas in second.
RSVP'd like some idea of how many people to expect.

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