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The beaver dams of Santa Barbara Canyon

Sun, 2014-06-22
Bart Olinger

Santa Barbara Canyon, south of Penasco, NM, has a beautiful series of beaver dams about 7 miles up canyon from the Santa Barbara campground, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The trail is well graded through a beautiful mountain valley, and rises about 1000 ft to get to the beaver dams.  
In order to get there, however, we must pass through the debris of a microburst that occurred on Sunday afternoon, June 8th, 2014. The devastation from that event, lasting only a minute or two, is incredible.  This will require us to climb over some downed trees.  Further up the canyon we must also cross the Middle Fork over a collapsed log bridge (I've done it - so, it is possible!).  
Let's leave from the Los Alamos High School Sullivan Field parking lot at 8:00, which should put us on the trail at 10:00.   Bring a knapsack, lunch, 2 quarts of water, sun hat, sunscreen, and a rain jacket.  
Questions?  send an email to Bart at

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