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La Luz Trail hike

Sun, 2014-05-11
Jean Dewart

Let's head down to the Sandia Mountains and hike the La Luz trail.  This is a hike up a magnificent granite escarpment to the top of the Sandias, with spectacular cliffs and spires and bird's eye views of Albuquerque below.  The hike begins in the desert and climbs to an alpine environment.
The hike is 8.5 miles and climbs 4200 ft.  The hike will take about 5 hours.  We'll hike up and take the tram down.  The cost of the tram is $12 per person.  
We'll meet in Los Alamos and leave at 7 am.  Bring lunch and 2-3 quarts of water.  Send an email to to sign up.  Carpool arrangements will be sent to participants.    

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