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X-C Ski - Valle Grande to Valle de los Posos

Mon, 2020-01-20
Jean M Dewart
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Not allowed

Let's do an out/back X-C ski across the Valle Grande to the Valle de los Posos - we will have fabulous views of the Valles Caldera all day long.  We will start from and return to the Coyote Call overlook on State Rte 4 (or another nearby turnout, depending upon the state of the snowplowing)  We will ski north across the Valle Grande, then north-northeast towards the Valle de los Posos, and then return to the start.  The tour will be ~9 miles round trip with ~400 ft elevation gain/loss.   There will be new snow to break trail, and so, depending upon our speed, we may not ski the full tour to assure that we return to the cars with some time to spare before sunset.  

We'll meet at 8 am in Los Alamos to carpool and will plan to start skiing in the Valle Grande at 9 am.  If there are folks interested in a shorter tour, we can work to arrange this.  Back to Los Alamos before 5 pm.  

Bring X-C skis/boots/poles appropriate to backcountry touring, lunch/snacks, water, ski glide wax, sunglasses/goggles, sunscreen, warm hat/sun hat, 2 pairs of gloves, parka, and extra sweater.  Bring a scarf or facemask for facial skin protection.  If the forecast winds are 20 mph, we will cancel the tour due to risk of frostbite.  If you have a lightweight pair of binoculars to bring, there may be an opportunity for viewing elk.  

To sign up, send me an email at (new email address) and we will confirm the meeting arrangements.  Hope you can come.  

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