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Avi Refresher and Companion Rescue Exercise

Sat, 2019-12-07
Michael Altherr
505 231-3561
Leader Email: 
Are dogs allowed?: 

You might think I being overly optimistic, but I'm jonesing to get boards back under my feet.  Yeah! Lets get together and refresh our avalache knowledge and do some companion rescue exercises. The location is to be determined but probably in the TA/Chama area. I'm looking at locatons with enough snow to make it interesting, where we can play with our gear not far from the car, and then do something fun (although it's all fun to me). If you have a suggestion please profer it. This is also an excellent opportunity for those intending on using club gear for an adventure later in the winter to get familiar and learn how to use it. 

If you are interested in participating, let me know when responding if you have your own gear (transceiver, probe and shovel). Review your copy of 'Snow Sense', 'ABCs of Avalanche Safety', or other. Bring your near miss stories and a willingness to participate in setting and acting out transceiver searches. The number of participants will be limited to 12.


In the event of an injury, I plan to: 

Evaluate and provide immediate care for the victim. If necessary the team will work together to evacuate the patient. If the situation is beyond the ability of the group to manage, we will call 911 and the Conejos County Sheriff's Office at (719) 376-2196 to initiate a search and rescue mission.

The nearest hospital is: 

Pagosa Springs Medical Center is 50 Miles away. (970) 731-3700

Espanola Valley Hospital is 80 Miles away. (505) 753-7111

If conditions turn poor right before the event will start, we plan to:

we will cancel by phone and email.

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