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Wells Petroglyph Preserve Hike and Tour

Sat, 2019-06-08
Bill Priedhorsky
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Leader Email: 
Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

I have arranged for a tour/hike of the Wells Petroglyph Preserve in the Velarde area. This is known to be a spectacular petroglyph area, totalling about 192 acres. More information about the preserve can be found at  The cost per person will be $35, which we pay to the preserve (this is their group rate). Starting time at the preserve will be sometime early in the morning; I've asked for a 9:00 AM start, before the heat of the day. Please email me if you would like to join; I'll catch up on my email starting on May 28, and will ask for your payment at that time. Sincerely, Bill

The preserve advises:


What to Bring

Plenty of water, sun screen, a hat and sturdy footwear for hiking on loose gravel and steep terrain. Optionally, walking sticks, binoculars and polarized sunglasses can all be very helpful.


What to Know -

Facilities on the preserve are limited to one outhouse. This outhouse is located a short walk from the parking and meeting area. If time allows, we recommend using a facility at another location before the start of the tour. All tours are docent led, and there are no self-guided options available. Please note that children under 10 are not allowed, and dogs are not allowed except as service animals. 


In the event of an injury, I plan to: 

The nearest hospital is:  Espanola

If conditions turn poor right before the event will start, we plan to:

1) Do this alternate fun thing

2) Bail out by email or phone call

The preserve will make the call on any cancellations.

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