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Cerro de la Olla exploratory peak climb Aug. 26 (rescheduled)

Sun, 2018-08-26
Bill Priedhorsky
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Cerro de la Olla stands isolated on the Taos Plateau west of the Taos Gorge; it is one of the volcanic domes that dot northern New Mexico, along with San Antonio Mountain and Ute Peak. The peak lies at 9,475 feet, 1,662 feet above the trailhead. The out and back hike totals 5.8 trailless miles, and rewards those who make the summit with open views in all directions.

This is an exploratory hike on a route that I haven't traveled before. We will navigate based on a route description and topo maps. We will meet in Los Alamos at 8:00 AM on Sunday, August 19, and carpool to the trialhead, which is found by travelling rough roads across the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. To join this trip, please email Bill at bill at priedhorsky dot net.

The hike did not go for Aug. 19, so it has been rescheduled by one week.

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