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Re-Submitted! Introduction to Trip Leading 101

Sat, 2018-08-18
Michael Altherr
505 231-3561
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Bill, Rachel and others have offered my services to help folks get over the threshold to trip leading. To date, however, we have had no takers. Not sure why, I bath regularly and occasionally even brush my teeth. So let’s try a new tactic.

C'mon, you know you always wanted to lead a trip. Imagine the enjoyment of corralling a group of like-minded individuals to follow you to that place on the map that has always looked “interesting” to you. This is an excursion meant to illustrate just how easy it is to lead a trip. You can be spontaneous. I just thought about doing this this morning, and look its only two weeks away. That’s almost geologic time in comparison to some of the trips Rachel Cowan has put together this year. A trip doesn't require any epic logistics planning, this is not going to be much more effort than a Monday evening ski hill hike (see below). We'll discuss what's required to post a trip on the web site and how to download and fill out the waiver and get it to Rachel, our trip coordinator. We'll evaluate the participants gear and make sure that everyone has what they need for themselves as well as sharing any necessary team gear. For this trip, all you are likely to need is shoes. Clothing is optional, that is of course until you meet your first locust bush or police officer. We should be able to demystify things sufficiently to encourage you to begin to consider trips that you might like to lead. We'll take time along our walk to discuss the kinds of trips that members of the club have led in the past and what might be of interest to you. While this trip is intended as an introduction to trip leading, any member of the Los Alamos Mountaineers or PEEC is welcome to come along. There is no fee, the cost is that you have to listen to me talk about trip leading.

The Goods:

This will be a walk up over Pajarito ski area with a descent down upper Pajarito Canyon past the Dungeon climbing area to the parking area just south of the Emergency Operations Center on NM 501. We will meet at the Dungeon parking area at 08:30 (no alpine start required). We will start with a discussion of trip preparation. Subsequently, probably not later than 08:45, we will decide which cars to leave and we will transit as a group to the parking area above the Townsight Lift. We’ll walk up the single track, over the top and down the Pajarito Canyon Trail back to the cars. We will transport our morning drivers back to their cars by Townsight and disperse, hopefully, with a plethora of new trip leaders and a cornucopia of ideas for new adventures.

I anticipate the total distance of our walk to be approximately 6 miles or less, and that it will take less than four hours to complete. I expect that everyone will be on their way to their next activity not later than 2:00 PM even with my long winded pontifications about the joys of trip leading. Social dogs and well behaved children are welcome, so long as none of the human participants object. If dogs (or children) concern you and would prevent your participation, please let me know and I will rescind my invitation (to allow dogs). You should bring water, and a snack. Rotten fruit works as a good deterrent if I start to ramble on too long. A rain jacket is always a good idea this time of year. Any questions, give me a call. If you are unsure where the meet up location is, send me a note and I can send you the cords. I look forward to meeting and encouraging a collection of folks with interesting ideas for trips and adventures. Happy Trails.

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