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Add New Trip

Do you want to lead a trip?  Follow these steps, or just email the trip coordinator found here

Step 1:   Get a user name.  Because of spambots, just email and request a username.

Step 2:  Log in.   This will make this page available to you:   Add New Trips

Step 2b.   Did you get a "Permission Denied"?  You are probably not logged in. 

Step 3::  Your trip goes to a moderator, who might contact you before posting it. 

Step 4:   The moderator approves the trip, and it is emailed out to the membership

Step 5:   Hopefully people email you that want to go

Step 6:  Email them back and remind them where to meet and what to bring

Step 7:  Have your participants sign the trip waiver before the trip begins.

Step 8:  Have fun!  Remember to bring back at least 90% of your participants

Step 9:  Use your phone to take a pic of the waiver and send it to the trip coordinator found here

For overnight trips, please ensure that membership waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Membership Chairperson prior to your trip. Non-members may participate in day trips. All club sponsored trips require the trip waiver. After the trip, please scan and email a PDF of the waiver to the Trip Coordinator.


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