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Cabra Loop Picnic Hike

Sun, 2018-03-25
Rachel Cowan
505 500 5323
Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed


How about a hike with a lunch to celebrate the first weekend of Spring? We'll start from Rendija Trailhead and take Cabra Loop West to the high point (about 1.5 mi) where we'll picnic. Bring a dish to share for the first spring picnic. We'll hike around to Cabra Loop East, then back up Rendija Canyon Trail to the trailhead. This trail is know for its pasque flowers, which hopefully will be blooming. There's no shade once we are out of Rendija Canyon, so be prepared for the sunshine. The round trip totals about 5.5 miles.


Meet at 11:15 a.m. at the Rendija Trailhead (just before you get to Guaje Pines Cemetery).

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