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October 20, 2010

"Climbing in the Dolomites and the Alps in the 50's"

by Don Liska

Don Liska is unquestionably one of LAM's most experienced mountaineers and adventurers.  He has been a member of the American Alpine Club for many years, and is a "Lifetime" member of the Los Alamos Mountaineers.  Join us on this very special occasion to hear Don recollect a few details of his early days of adventuring in America, the Dolomites, and the Alps.

The Alps: Looking back at other climbers with the town of Corvara in the distance.
Photo courtesy of Jason Halladay

Don began climbing in the 50's at a time when American climbing was just beginning to take-off.  We will hear of the antiquated protection that was used in those early days, and the excitement of climbing without route guides by the seat of your pants.  Don will explain the attitudes of the climbers of that time, and detail some of the now classic routes that were just being established.

Recent photo of Don and Alice enjoying an evening mountain bike ride.

Don will thrill and entertain us with stories and photos of his early days of climbing at such haunts as Devils Lake, Wisconsin (near Madison), and the Dolomites of Europe.  Devils Lake is now the Midwest's most popular climbing destination, and the Dolomites are similar in European mass appeal, but contain much longer adventure climbs.  Both areas have a long and rich history of climbing, which Don will explore with aplomb.

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