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September 21, 2011

"History of the Jungfrau....A 200th Anniversary Celebration"

by Markus Beck

The Jungfrau is a majestic mountain in the Central Alps of Switzerland, the Bernese Oberland. The mountain's fame not only comes from its beautiful appearance, but also from its rich history of human feats. Part of the famous crest, it shares its dominance with equal behemoths, the Eiger and Moench. A fierce reputation at first, today there are many summit aspirants on foot and ski, but the mountain must still be earned even with today's technology and knowledge.

Jungfrau as it appeared in 2011

Of the many routes up the mountain, only a few have survived as most have fallen victim to the changing glacier conditions. The 200 year anniversary of the First Ascent of the Jungfrau serves to celebrate the mountain, to remember the men and women who have shaped its reputation, and to acknowledge the stories that have created its legendary status.

Historic Jungfrau: the Mountain and the Climbers

Having climbed and guided the Jungfrau on several occasions over the past 10 years, Markus also will convey first hand climbing and skiing knowledge to future Jungfrau mountaineers.

Jungfrau Near Summit

Markus Beck is a Swiss Native who calls Boulder, Colorado, home since 1997. Markus' passion for the mountains stems from his Swiss roots where he grew up roaming the mountains from an early age on. Eventually, he turned his passion into his profession becoming a mountain guide achieving full AMGA and UIAGM certifications and founded Alpine World Ascents in the year 2000. A full-time ski & mountain guide, Markus accompanies his clients in the mountains around the world.

Click here to see Mammut's short video of their huge Jungfrau Celebration.

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