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May 25, 2011
(note date change)

"Through the Land of Rock: A Journey from Page Arizona to Moab Utah"

by Jeff Martin

In the Spring of 1997, Jeff Martin hiked from Page, AZ to Moab, UT through the land of rock....the sandstone canyon country on the SE side of the Colorado River drainage.  In this country, maze-like canyons surround lofty plateaus most often ringed by impressive cliffs.  Much of the challenge of this hike lay in finding a workable non-technical route through such country which did not stray too far from water sources. This, in addition to the more standard challenges of a long distance and largely solo through hike (Jeff was joined for a week by his friend Judy Buckingham).  In his presentation, Jeff will discuss the planning of the trip, the selection of the route and the planting of food caches.  He will (naturally) also show slides and tell the tale of the trip itself.

"Arch in Aztec Creek"

Although it was more "roadrunner" than "coyote", Jeff did experience a few "coyote" moments on the trip, including: disappearing into quicksand, falling off a cliff, turning into a sand dune and sleeping with a rattlesnake.  (note: some of the above may have been *slightly* exaggerated)  Finally, Jeff will discuss the possibilities for a return trip from Moab to Page on the NW side of the drainage.

"Aztec Creek"

Jeff Martin contracted Canyon Fever in May 1979 at Horn Creek in the Grand Canyon and consequently, now has over 50 Grand Canyon backpacking trips under his belt.  Although the Grand Canyon remains an old friend, most of Jeff’s  backpacking these days is in the sandstone canyon country of SE Utah and NW Arizona.  Although Jeff may seem to be a hardcore backpacker, in reality Jeff’s hiking core tends toward the soft side – like nougat in a candy bar or the filling in a Lindor truffle.  A perfect day in the canyon for Jeff is more along the lines of lounging by a canyon stream on a slab of sandstone in the sun than struggling over the next pass at sunset.

"The Land of Rock"

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