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Trekking and Touring in Iceland

Wed, 2014-01-15

An evening with Mario Schillaci

Come learn about the natural history of Iceland as Mario Schillaci recounts his 6 day, 50 mile trek across Iceland. Mario tells a story of adventure travel—complete with mountain huts, a steady ascent from sea level along fast-flowing rivers to spectacular waterfalls, passing between glaciers to descend into wooded valleys with unusual rock formations, and finally fording rivers in a surreal landscape shaped by volcanoes.

Steam vents and thermal springs encountered in the highlands along the trek from Skogar to Landmannalaugar.

During his travels in Iceland Mario spent time with four fellow travelers and has many exciting insights into adventure travel in this beautiful, and growing, tourist destination.

Icebergs floating to the sea at Jokulsarlon.

Mario came to Los Alamos in 1967, and he joined the Mountaineers not long after.  In addition to many backpacking and climbing trips in the southwest, he has trekked in the Himalayas of Nepal, the Peruvian Andes, the Pyrenees, and extensively in the Alps, and has climbed in the Cascades, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru, as well.  His other outdoor activities have included several trips ski touring in Colorado’s hut system and sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez.

Skogafoss, the spectacular waterfall near Skogar at the start of the trek.

Trip Location: 
United States
63° 58' 59.5416" N, 19° 4' 0.264" W

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