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Sabinoso Wilderness scouting trip (NE New Mexico)

Sat, 2018-04-21
Bill Priedhorsky
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Within the last year, access has been opened to the Sabinoso Wilderness east of Las Vegas, NM. Previously, the wilderness was land-locked by private land and inaccessible. Per the BLM web site on the Wilderness (, "The Sabinoso Wilderness is a remote area in the northeastern portion of New Mexico. The Wilderness includes a series of high, narrow mesas surrounded by cliff-lined canyons. ... The deep canyon area, surrounded by the wide-open New Mexico plains, is unique for this region. The deep incisions cut by Canon Olguin, Canon Largo, and Lagartija Creek create a striking topographical and geological contrast in this otherwise flat terrain."

It is a bit of a drive to the wilderness (about 140 miles, 2 1/2 hours, the last 10 miles on dirt roads), but I think it is worth the trip to see a piece of public land that has just recently been opened. We'll leave Los Alamos at 7:30 AM, carpool for the drive, head to the trailhead, spend about 6 hours hiking in and then back out of the wilderness, and drive back home with a likely stop in Santa Fe for dinner.  Bring water, lunch, sunscreen, and clothes suitable for the full range of possible weather conditions.

Please email me at bill at priedhorsky dot net if you would like to join me.

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