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Monthly Program:

Trail Validation and Mapping in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness

Tue, 2017-11-28

Please join us Tuesday, November 28 at the Los Alamos Nature Center for a presentation by Dierdre Monroe.

This project (started in the spring of 2017) has nominally involved ground-based validation of US Forest Service trails in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness.  However, the project expanded extended well beyond the initial, simple task. Working together with the USFS, NM Mounted SAR, Back Country Horsemen and AERC, project participants have resolved 40-year old old trail mysteries, identified historical trails, helped coordinate trail clearing crews, installed signage for largely unmarked trails, and brought new interest and activity to an area that has long been considered “a good place to get lost.” This project has given the USFS the timely information has been needed to manage this area and has brought new life to a great hiking and backpacking area close to Los Alamos.

Social at 6:45 p.m., reports of recent and upcoming trips at 7:00 p.m. Program at 7:30 p.m.

Photo: A view from the Continental Divide Trail of the Cerro Pedernal

Ongoing Events



Monthly Public Meeting and Presentation:

Normally held in the planetarium of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC)
on the fourth Tuesday of each month

Social at 6:45.  Reports of recent and upcoming trips at 7:00pm.   Program at 7:30pm.

Past presentations, and occasionally future, can be viewed here.
Visitors are always welcome!  Free refreshments!


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Future Club Speakers:  In addition to frequent presentations by nationally known adventurers, we love to hear from our own members....not that some of you aren't in that group.  A presentation gets you a free club membership and dinner at the restaurant of your choice in Los Alamos.

LAM Member Presentations Wanted! The LAM Board would like to encourage our members to provide more of our monthly presentations.  We understand well that club members are an active lot, with a wealth of activities in their repertoire that can and have been inspiring to new and old members alike.  We have often focused our monthly presentations on the elite of the outdoor adventure world, and perhaps created the undesired effect of squelching the voices of our own members who participate in frequent beautiful and exciting adventures of their own.  Although our own activities are not always "world class", they are representative of what we "weekend" athletes can and do accomplish.  We want many of our programs to inspire the "I can do that" attitude in our members, not merely entertain.  Shock and awe may have their rightful place, but inspiration to participate and shine is our true goal.


Trip Leaders:  Post your trip by logging in and then going here.  If you do not have an account, contact  the webmaster. For overnight trips, please ensure that membership waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Membership Chairperson prior to your trip. Non-members may participate in day trips. All club sponsored trips require the trip waiver. After the trip, please scan and email a PDF of the waiver to the Trip Coordinator.

Trip Leader Awards: The club will recognize trip leaders as described here.

GMRS / FRS Radio Usage on Club Trips:  The Los Alamos Mountaineers encourage you to carry portable "family" radios as a safety measure on appropriate LAM trips, and urge participants to agree on a contact channel at the beginning of the trip.  As a default, if no channel has been selected, LAM suggests channel 3.14.  These three first digits of "pi" might be easily remembered in this scientific community.

Borrow Equipment: We have a limited amount of mountaineering equipment for loan (e.g., avalanche transceivers). Contact our Equipment Manager listed on this page.



Climbing School Update



The 2017 Climbing School runs from March 30th through May 6th.
Registration must be received by March 20th.

Registration is now open! Go to this page to register.

The climbing school is full!

(See Detailed Schedule for more information.)

The class fills quickly with only 25 seats, so early registration is recommended.

This includes 6 Thursday nights, and 6 Saturdays; some 36-40 hours of instruction. The Los Alamos Mountaineers Climbing School is a great way to learn about technical rock climbing and mountaineering.  The school should offer a good experience to:

  • beginning climbers with no climbing experience,
  • new climbers who want to gain experience,
  • climbers who need outdoor experience and instruction, and
  • anyone wanting a chance to tap into the expertise of some of the area's most experienced climbers.
Trip Leaders: Anyone can lead a trip! Post your trip by logging in and then going here. If you do not have an account, contact the webmaster. For overnight trips, please ensure that membership waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Membership Chairperson prior to your trip. Non-members may participate in day trips. All club sponsored trips require the trip waiver. After the trip, please scan and email a PDF of the waiver to the Trip Coordinator.
  • Llama Assisted Boulder/Escalante Canyon Country Adventure May 12-20, 2018

    Bill Priedhorsky
    Sat, 2018-05-12
    Leader Email:
    Are dogs allowed?: 
    Not allowed

    Once more into the Canyon Country! For our spring 2018 trip, I have arranged with BJ Orozco of Llama2Boot to shuttle us to a camp on The Gulch, which is actually a clear-water stream a few miles upstream from the Escalante River. This will be a cool and comfortable destination for a mid-May trip. We’ve worried about warm weather in previous Mays, but actually haven’t run into much, and have had our share of cool or even snowy weather instead. There is complex slickrock in many directions from this camp, so there will be plenty to explore in our 5 days of wilderness hiking.

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