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Monthly Program:

Northern Sangres Traverse - A Colorado Adventure

Wed, 2015-02-18

Please join us Wednesday, Feburary 18, 2015 at 7 pm at the Fuller Lodge (Los Alamos) for an exciting presentation by Norbert Ensslin and Nathan Moody - two local, active LAM members.
(Special Note:  This program is dedicated to Don Liska, a great Mountaineer and climbing partner, who passed away in December and who was very interested in this traverse.  In honor of Don, and to remind us of experiences we might want to share at a later ceremony, Norbert will start the program by showing a few slides highlighting some of Don's many outdoor adventures.)
At the northern end of Colorado's Alamosa Valley, the Sangre de Cristo mountain range ends in a compact, 20-mile-long line of peaks.  This beautiful ridge line dominates the view to the East for anyone driving through the little town of Villa Grove on the way to Poncha Pass.  Over the years, many Mountaineers on their way to climb Fourteeners in the summer or do hut trips in the winter have stared at this ridge and wondered what it would be like to traverse the whole length of the ridge.  How long would it take?  Where would you get water?  How would you get on the ridge and off again?  Last September, two small groups of Mountaineers, including Norbert and Nathan, set out to find the answers to these questions.  This program will present what they saw and did and discovered on this adventure, especially the answer to that classic Mountaineers question, "How hard could it be?"
Photo:  The Northen Sangres ridgeline.

Photo:  Approaching Hunts Peak at sunset.


Monthly Public Meeting and Presentation:
held in the Pajarito Room of Fuller Lodge on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Social and reports of recent and upcoming trips at 7:00pm.   Program at 7:30pm.

Past presentations, and occasionally future, can be viewed here.
Visitors are always welcome!  Digital projector compliments of Los Alamos National Bank.

Future Club Speakers:  In addition to frequent presentations by nationally known adventurers, we love to hear from our own members....not that some of you aren't in that group.  A presentation gets you a free club membership and dinner at the restaurant of your choice in Los Alamos.

LAM Member Presentations Wanted! The LAM Board would like to encourage our members to provide more of our monthly presentations.  We understand well that club members are an active lot, with a wealth of activities in their repertoire that can and have been inspiring to new and old members alike.  We have often focused our monthly presentations on the elite of the outdoor adventure world, and perhaps created the undesired effect of squelching the voices of our own members who participate in frequent beautiful and exciting adventures of their own.  Although our own activities are not always "world class", they are representative of what we "weekend" athletes can and do accomplish.  We want many of our programs to inspire the "I can do that" attitude in our members, not merely entertain.  Shock and awe may have their rightful place, but inspiration to participate and shine is our true goal.


Trip Leaders:  Post your trip by logging in and then going here.  Please make sure waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Secretary prior to your trip.  In addition, the "Los Alamos Mountaineer's Trip Sign-Up Sheet" includes the trip waiver, and should be used for all club sponsored trips.

Trip Leader Awards: The club is grateful to those who lead our outdoor adventures.  As a token of appreciation, our awards will be a series of caps and hats with the Club logo. To encourage first-time trip leaders, we will award a first hat to anyone who leads a Club trip.  In more detail, we will recognize trip leaders as described here.

GMRS / FRS Radio Usage on Club Trips:  The Los Alamos Mountaineers encourage you to carry portable "family" radios as a safety measure on appropriate LAM trips, and urge participants to agree on a contact channel at the beginning of the trip.  As a default, if no channel has been selected, LAM suggests channel 3.14.  These three first digits of "pi" might be easily remembered in this scientific community.

Borrow Equipment: We have a limited amount of mountaineering equipment for loan (e.g., avalanche transceivers). Contact  Alex Adams, our Equipment Manager, at



Climbing School Update



The 2015 Climbing School runs from March 26th through May 2th.
(registration is open for 2015!)

(See Detailed Schedule for more information.)

The class fills quickly with only 25 seats, so early registration is recommended.

This includes 6 Thursday nights, and 6 Saturdays; some 36-40 hours of instruction. The Los Alamos Mountaineers Climbing School is a great way to learn about technical rock climbing and mountaineering.  The school should offer a good experience to:

  • beginning climbers with no climbing experience,
  • new climbers who want to gain experience,
  • climbers who need outdoor experience and instruction, and
  • anyone wanting a chance to tap into the expertise of some of the area's most experienced climbers.

Upcoming Trips

Hints:  You must log in to sign up for trips or to post new trips!  

Title Leader Teaser
El Cajete Ski Tour Norbert Ensslin Sat, 2015-01-31 This ski tour was done as a hike last year, and was an enjoyable outing.  Hopefully we will be able to do it on skis this year!  The trip will start from the Valle Grande Visitor Center at 9:30 AM, and is open to members of the Mountaineers and their guests. Before departing, all skiers must pay the $10 access fee, sign the Valles Preserve waiver in the Visitor Center, and sign a Los Alamos Mountaineers Club trip waiver.  A few of us should try to arrive early so we can take one...
Ski/cross-country/snowshoe Monarch/Salida Feb. 5-8 Bill Priedhorsky Thu, 2015-02-05 As we have done in past years, we will head for Salida to establish a base in a comfortable house or cabin, and spend our days in winter sports in the Monarch Pass area. While Monarch ski area is not longer free on a Pajarito pass, tickets are relatively inexpensive online. Monarch is a high Continental Divide ski area with wonderful views, and is skiing of the old fashioned kind, without the glitz and expensive one finds farther north in Colorado. Snow conditions are already pretty good, with...
Pajarito Mountain to Valle Grande Ski Tour Norbert Ensslin Sun, 2015-02-08 This ski tour is open to members of the Mountaineers and their guests.  The tour will start from the west end of the Pajarito Mountain ski area parking lot, and skiers can depart anytime between 8 AM and 9 AM.  (If the ski area is open, you may be able to take a bus to the parking lot.)  Before departing, all skiers must sign a Valles Preserve waiver and a Los Alamos Mountaineers Club trip waiver. We’ll also collect the $10 Valles Preserve access fee (in cash) from everyone...
Pajarito Mountain to La Cueva Ski Tour Scott Baily and Norbert Ensslin Sat, 2015-03-07 This ski tour is open to members of the Mountaineers and their guests.  The trip will start from the west end of the Pajarito Mountain ski area parking lot at 6 AM sharp.  The tour will be led by Scott Baily, with Norbert providing logistical support.  All skiers must sign a Valles Preserve waiver and a Los Alamos Mountaineers Club trip waiver before departing, and we’ll also collect the $10 Valles Preserve access fee (in cash).  We also need to work out car pools or...
La Cueva to San Antonio Hot Springs Ski Tour Norbert Ensslin and Scott Baily Sat, 2015-03-07 We will start from the highway near La Cueva and ski to the San Antonio Hot Springs.  The tour will be led by Norbert Ensslin and is intended to meet up at the hot springs with the ski party coming from Pajarito Mountain, led by Scott Baily. Our goal is to have a fun, relaxed day of skiing, and hopefully provide some support (in the way of drinks, goodies, broken track, car switches, etc.) for tired skiers coming all the way from Pajarito.   This ski tour is roughly 10 miles round...
Mt. Hood Snow/Ice Skills Practice Brett Kettering Sun, 2015-03-08 This is primarily for people who are planning to climb Mt. Hood with us 6/29 - 7/3 this year. It is for snow/ice skills we want to learn or improve upon before heading to Mt. Hood.   Some possible locations are: A) At Pajarito Ski Hill there is the really steep pitch at the base of the Aspen chair,  just west of the chair on-ramp. We can use this if there is no skiing at Pajarito on this day.   B) One of the sledding areas up around Ski Santa Fe.   We'll find...
Hueco Tanks Ron Morgan Fri, 2015-03-20 A climbing trip to Hueco Tanks.  Hikers and afficionadoes of rock art are welcome also. We'll leave on Friday the 20th about 1pm in order to reach the entrance station to Hueco Tanks Texas State Park before 5pm (to get our campsites before they close). Climb, Hike, Sightsee the 21st/22nd/ and the morning of the 23d.  Vacate the campground before 2pm on the 23d, and leave the Park heading for Los Alamos before the park closes at 6 that evening. Reservations are required for...
Muley Twist /Muley Tanks horse pack Bill Priedhorsky Sat, 2015-05-09 Lower Muley Twist Canyon (Park Service photo) We had a wonderful trip to the Hall’s Creek Narrows area of the Waterpocket Fold in May 2014, and would like to return to the Waterpocket Fold in the spring of 2015 (Dennis’ photos of the 2014 trip can be found here.) Our next trip (May 9-17, 2015) will be a horse-supported expedition to the Muley Tanks oasis, which gives us access to the lower end of Muley Twist Canyon and some fantastic sculpted terrain along the Waterpocket Fold...
Climbing in 11 Mile Canyon Ron Morgan Fri, 2015-05-15 Climbing in 11 Mile Canyon, North-East of Salida Co.  This trip is geared for the new Graduates of the LAM Climbing School (Graduation climb is scheduled for May 2nd), so I'll need several lead climbers to help me make the new climbers feel right at home.   We'll leave after work on Friday May 15th (beware the ides of May) to find dispersed camping sort-of-close to the climbing area (a couple of miles away) or an established FS campground near the mouth of the canyon.  ...
Climb Mt. Hood Brett Kettering Mon, 2015-06-29 At this time I want to see who would be interested in climbing Oregon's Mt. Hood. Please advise by 1/31/15 if you are interested so that we can begin to make arrangements. Accommodations need to be arranged well ahead of time as this is a popular climb. If we choose to do it guided we'll need to make those arrangements early on to get the dates we want.       Background Information Mount Hood is Oregon’s high point and a day-long snow/ice alpine adventure. The...
Moab Bike/Hike Bill Priedhorsky Sat, 2015-11-07 (Note 11/25/14: This trip was announced at the Nov. 19th Mountaineers meeting the old-fashioned way, by announcement to those who were there, and the Moab Retreat House is filling quickly. There remain various options in the house, including a nice bedroom that is available Saturday-Wednesday, one of the family rooms, the infamous Murphy bed, etc.) I would like to announce the seventh edition of our very successful trips to Moab. Our November 2014 trip was wonderful, and we are ready to go...

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